A Professional Accountant is Much Better

When my bookkeeper retired, I had to make a decision. She had given me two months notice, so I knew that I would have plenty of time to have someone else come in and get trained. She even offered to show whoever I hired all of the ropes since she did have her own unique way of doing some of the bookkeeping. I had to decide whether to bring a new person in, or if I should just transition the entire bookkeeping needs to a management accountant in Brisbane. Truth be told, I figured I would probably get more for my money if I went with the professional accountant.

When I had first hired my bookkeeper that retired, times were much different. A lot of the work that she did was done by hand, and she kept track of all the ledgers on paper rather than on a computer. Since so many software programs have become available that simplify the job, I knew that it would be quicker and probably a lot more accurate too if I would just let an accountant who uses these programs take over.

I did consider the pros of having a bookkeeper just a few doors over. There are some benefits to that, but I quickly realized that whichever accountant I hired would be available with just a quick phone call too. I ended up looking into professional accountants, and I ended up hiring the services of one that is just a few miles away from me. I am simply amazed at how much quicker they are with everything from payroll to accounts receivable and payable than what my former bookkeeper was. I did keep her out of loyalty, but I do prefer the way our accounting needs are handled now that it is being done properly!