Better Than Financial Magazines and Newspapers for Investment Strategy Building

shift codedI was spending money to invest. I did not have any friends who were investment gurus. I relied on the better magazines and financial newspapers for information. I also paid extra to my cable company for the channel tier that included the financial news channels. All of those little expenses add up. I paid to go to a stock investment seminar. It was more of a sales pitch for the guy’s book who held the seminar. I wanted an investment edge, and I think I found it in a review I read.

The major brokerage firms all offer you the so-called “free” use of their market trends software. It has a bunch of fancy charts and colors, but none of it was very helpful to me in making investment choices. I wanted a software that I could customize according to my knowledge and investment strategies. Something that would monitor the stock market in real time and look for trends. Let me put it in other terms. Have you ever seen on TV a news blurb about things that are trending in social media? They may be posts or updates on social media about a certain subject or person. Well, the stock market also has things that are trending. If you can spot the hot ones, you can maybe get in on an investment that will provide a quick and significant return.

having a software system that is always on and monitoring the markets for the latest trends can be very useful. After all, the magazine info is a month or more old, the financial newspaper info is probably days or a week old and the financial news channel info is hours to days old. I wanted something more up to the minute when it comes to stock market trending, and I think this software is it.