Intech Golf Balls – Which Ones Are The Best?

playing golfSelecting a right golf ball is of utmost importance to perform the best in your game of golf. Intech Golf presents various types of golf balls at a budget price. These golf balls are durable and superior in quality. Before buying Intech golf balls, you need to consider certain points. Some of them are your handicap, your ball flight with a driver, the club iron you use for a 150 yard shot, your putting skills, and what would you like to improve in the game of golf. Based on these factors, you can select an Intech golf ball that can help you improve your performance. read more »

Slazenger Golf Balls – Pro’s Reccomend Them

The effectiveness of golf balls in a game can be measured by the outcome of each game, whether a tournament, competition or fun play. This means that the type and quality of the ball used during a game may cause either a win or a loss to a player.

Slazenger has been popular among golfers since for a long time now, probably because they find the quality of the ball as favorable. In most tournaments today, Slazenger golf balls ( are used due to its renowned quality in the market. Various professional golf players have chosen Slazenger golf ball compared to the other golf balls existing in the market today.  read more »