Christmas is Pretty Magical for Us

When I was a kid, there were things like baby dolls and board games on my Christmas wish list that I would write out faithfully for Santa every year. Times sure have changed since then. Now, the kids all want electronics, and they don’t even think to ask Santa for them. The magic of Christmas is gone in so many ways, but I still try my best to make sure that we celebrate it as best we can. That is why I am going to be looking at the best Cyber Monday electronic deals 2015 this year.

I may wish that Christmas still held the magic of my own youth, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get excited when I see my kids sitting around the Christmas tree that we have all decorated waiting anxiously to see what are in all of the gift wrapped boxes. I really do want to get them everything that is on their lists, because they honestly don’t ask for a lot. I want to get my oldest son a new laptop, and my youngest son is looking forward to hopefully getting a remote controlled airplane.

My middle son is a camera geek, and I want to get him a really nice camera for his main gift this year. I have no idea what I am going to get my husband yet, but I know that I will be able to know it as soon as I see it. Cyber Monday is an exciting day for me, and I will probably spend hours shopping for the best deals. I even plan on getting myself a few things because the prices are just too good to pass up some of the deals. I guess after thinking about it, Christmas is still pretty magical, at least in our house!