Citrus juicers and their characteristics

There are several types of juicers available in the market to obtain the juice from citrus fruits or vegetables. There is no perfect juicer to squeeze any type of fruit or vegetable with the same efficiency and the same quality, because they have different properties.
Citrus juicers are specially designed to chop citrus; it cannot be used for any other fruits and vegetables.

These devices are provided with a ribbed cone, which spins when a shareholders control button is pushe and the electric motor starts. To prepare juice, you must cut citrus in half and press itonto the cone with your hand.

Its design crushes fruit pulp, thus releasing the juice which is collected into the vessel under con. The sieve disposed above the flask is to stop passing the seeds and pulp remnants.

This kind of juicer is right for citrus fruits and if you don’t want to spend much money.
Citrus juicers generally cost around 25 dollars, and you can get the best deal on them at Juicer Reviews

When choosing this kind of juicer, have to keep in mind the features, functions and accessories, as well as technical specifications. The most important things to consider are:

– Juicer capacity – the range from 0.4 to 1 liter
– Some citrus juicers can have several types of cones replaced respectively for small citrus double edged or  higher
– Automatic starts / stops by pushing the cone
– Protective covers when not in use juicer cone
– Spin speed, which depends on the power juicer (generally small) up to 60 rpm;
– Speeds – depending on the model, citrus juicers can have 1 to 5 – speeds, depending on how fast want to squeeze citrus juice;
– Citrus juicers color: they are generally white, gray or black, but you can also find colorful patterns or metal inserts if want to match it with the rest of your juicer kitchen appliances.

These citrus juicer features and accessories are also important:
– Rotate in both directions to help better squeezing of citrus
– Vessel for collecting the juice with graduation
– Adjustable grained influencing the amount of pulp in the juice
– Impulse function to activate a maximum spin moment

A citrus juicer’s technical specifications show that the power ranges from 20W and 85W, so it consumes quite a bit. The noise level is also quite low, ranging between 68 and 75 decibels.

Another advantage is the fact that it has many parts and can be cleaned quite easily. In addition, being a small device, it can be taken on trips, reaching a maximum weight of 2 kg.

Another feature to consider is the juicer storage compartment of the power cord, which may have a length of up to maximum 2 meters.

It is important to keep this in mind when taking into account the distance between the kitchen working table that will stand with the citrus juicer and food energy intake. If the cord of the juicer isn’t long enough, you can use an extension cord. In general, citrus juicers do not require connection to grounded outlets that have low power.

Due to their cheap prices, but limited variety of fruits which can be chopped, citrus juicers are the only a solution for those who want to have a specific device, dedicated to obtain citrus juice.