Getting Regular Chiropractic Help Keeps Us Able to Work and Play

I call it the “family back.” My dad calls it the “family curse.” It seems the men have back pain on my dad’s side of the family. Sometimes it skips a generation. Sometimes it doesn’t. Both my brother and I have chronic back pain if we do not take steps to mitigate it. If we let it go for a time, it creeps back until it is debilitating. We make appointments at the same Mesa chiropractor. We need to go a few times on a regular basis at different times throughout the year.

The winter months are the worst for me. The fewer hours of sunshine and the holidays leads to less activity for me. That leads to more weight, especially since the holidays come with more food of all my favorite types. Pumpkin pie is my downfall. That and green bean casserole. It would be okay to eat more of that if I did not add more fried onions and top it with cheese. The extra pounds and lowered activity level equal back pain for me.

The Mesa chiropractor helps me with heat and massage that lower the pain to get me motivated to get moving. Then I start to walk and then ride my bicycle. Then my back gets stronger again and the pain subsides. I can go for months without needing any adjustments. Then if something happens where I am more sedentary for a bit, it starts to hurt again. I do not mean to get back into the cycle of pain. It just sort of happens.

My brother has a seasonal work. When it gets really hot, he is off work for about three months. Sounds great, but that is when he is sedentary. Then his back starts to hurt. Our dad is active all of the time and hurts very often. He only gets relief from his chiropractic adjustments about two to three times per month.