Getting Set Up in My New Home Office

I have been working all day to set up my home office. It is pretty much a spare room above the garage where I am going to rent myself a bit of space and set up an office. Of course you have to take care not to cross the IRS when you are going this. I got most of the stuff I need second hand. I need to do some things like set up the scanner so that it works with the network at the office. I had to download cnet scanspeeder, but I am not quite sure if I really needed to or not. The IT guy at work claimed that it was necessary, but I can not really figure out why and to be honest I sort of think that he might have been messing with me for some reason know only to him and the other dweebs in the IT department..

At any rate I got a computer which is good enough, which is not to say too much. I did not need an awesome machine. All of the stuff that requires heavy computing power will be done by the big computers at the office. I just need to set up jobs and reload them when it is time for new stuff to run. That is the big deal about this. My work is very processor intensive and it is easy for it to get done when the computers at work are not busy doing all the stuff that people do during the day. So I have to be able to set up job and start them running without going in to the office. Of course the IT guys want to keep their network secure and would rather that some guy had to come in to work late at night.