GPS Watches – getting connected with the stars!


GPS watches have entered on the gadget market as a new perspective of freedom and knowledge gathered around the wrist.

The new gadget has been released to meets the adventurous, especially trekking people. The watch’s GPS module allows users to have access to all necessary information, from location maps for trails in real time.

GPS clock module downloads the maps via wireless from a computer and allows tracking on LCD the route that had proposed to follow.

Actually a GPS watch is a conglomerate of functions and data from the current time, location, distance, and time to destination, altitude, heart rate, the temperature up to the maps and routes. The watch includes an altimeter, a barometer and a compass.
Actually GPS watches are mini smart computers which help people to get information of real time, to locate them.

Designed for athletes and for those looking for adventure, ​​these GPS watches are ultra-resistant, waterproof (50 m), and have features as scratch resistant LCD screen.

The battery ensures a great autonomy time (up to of 50 hours in GPS mode) or six weeks in standard mode.

Their big screens present a wide range of activities and the GPS function allows providing 100% accuracy even that looks like a normal. The good connectivity provides to catch satellites in 2-3 seconds, which is a great aspect for athletes, cyclists and runners.

Has the option that gives instant feedback after the training session. The GPS function improves performance with strength training programs that can be downloaded for free from mother producing companies.

Any usual GPS watch has integrated GPS features like:

• Return to the starting line;

• Distance measurements- training, lap, and total;

• Altitude as GPS;

• Route mapping;

• Running Index;

• Speed ​​/ Pace – current, average and maximum.

Additionally some GPS watch have specific functions which increase their training performance (for example):

• interval guided workouts – heart rate / pace / distance;

• number of laps – 99;

• sports profiles (sport profiles fixed);

• graphic indicator target area;

• automatic lap register;

• indicator area;

• blocking system while running.

They can be used while swim (really waterproof) and that is one of the good things about these watches; few of them are compatible with various other devices through Bluetooth connection.

They wirelessly connect to any computer with a special stick that is a great advantage: when going into the house and get around computer (at a distance of 3m), they automatic transfer data to and from computer through their special programs.

Is perfect for those who love jogging or biking, but for all those who like outdoor sports.

Some GPS watches captures with their additional available functions. Thus, thanks to integrated GPS, can record and map a route, can view the tour map and measure speed and distance. Also they allows limiting and altitude measurement.

For example, a GPS Polar watch provides with the Back to Star By function, the redirection to the place from where left on the shortest possible route.

Many GPS watches indicate altitude during and after training, while cycling or in a climbing adventure. These complexes and performing watches are offering high quality information for the humans on movement.