I Found out I Have Herpes

My primary care physician told me that there is not a herpes cure, but that didn’t stop me from going home after my diagnosis and getting as much information on it as possible. I went to see her in the first place because I had blisters in places I knew they shouldn’t be, and I wanted to know what was wrong with me. I was not expecting to be told that I had herpes though, but I did not take the news laying down at all. I went home and did a search for herpes, herpes cure, and herpes remedies, because I wanted to find the best possible answers for my situation.

My doctor had given me a prescription to be filled for antibiotics. She had told me that I would need to take antibiotics every time I had a herpes outbreak, and I wanted to see what I could do to make sure I didn’t have outbreaks if at all possible. What I read really gave me hope too. I found a website that was filled with information on herpes. It explained the different kinds of herpes, the symptoms of outbreaks, and the prognosis for it too.

One website that I found especially helpful was one that explained some natural remedies so I would not need to go and have a prescription filled every time I have an outbreak. Another thing that I really liked about this site was there were a lot of suggestions on how to not have recurring outbreaks. I read so much information on it just that initial day of my diagnosis that I honestly felt I became an expert then. I took some of those suggestions, and I have not had any outbreaks since I was first diagnosed. I would say that something is working right!