Internet Marketing on Social Media

Of course the entire purpose of twitter is apparently for self promotion and so it is not a big surprise that you can visit That seems like an odd thing, but of course every thing is for sale and if the real purpose of twitter is just to promote, then why not sell off your tweets for the right price. That of course is the entire name of the game as it turns out of course and you have to be willing to play the game if you want to be promoting your product or yourself. Of course it is a lot easier if you are a celebrity, then you can create artificial social media drama with other celebrities. For example when Snoop Dog says mean things about other rappers on twitter that does not really mean that he means it. In fact it is fairly obvious that in some cases these guys are just reading from a script.

You could generate a lot of stuff like that if you were determined. For example you could go to a big club and start some shoving match with a famous rival in public. Of course there is nothing to stop you from making the entire thing up in advance, meet me at the rainbow bar and grill, I will make sure that the paparazzi are there and the two of us can get our pictures taken there. Then we can go bejerks to one another on the Internet and people will pay attention to us. It is not always that easy for you to figure out what is what though. The real thing could result in guns being fired obviously. The fake thing is just going to end up with a lot of tabloid type of headlines and those guys love that.