Keeping Ourselves Safe in Louisville

Living in Louisville, Kentucky has always felt like a safe place to make my home. For thirty years I’ve been here with only a few side trips outside the state for a handful of months at a time. And yet, it has always felt the safest of places until recently. With the news that the number of gangs are growing along with robberies, murders and assaults being reported, I have begun to look into home security. A friend of mine suggested Home security is not something that I have actually ever looked up before or even considered. A dead bolt is always what I have needed before but now with all these reports of criminal activity being made, I have a feeling that I am going to need a lot more to be able to protect myself against these gangs. It’s just a little crazy how they have suddenly appeared but no doubt it is a problem which the police have done their best to bury.

I really dislike the idea of blaming the police for something like this but it is becoming readily apparent that these are established gangs who are seeking to expand their territories. Even the FBI recently released a statement warning of the potential dangers caused by these youths who have decided to go against the ‘law’ of their own gangs by acting out against the community and drawing attention to themselves. If they are willing to do this then it is certain that others are going to inevitably follow in their footsteps as they seek to establish themselves elsewhere or give themselves a harder name to be respected and feared. Who knows what sort of retaliation might come about because of this but it is not going to be good for the people of Louisville in the slightest.