Physicians and Medical Practices in Weschester

wcc policies directions food contactsI have recently injured myself, and I do not currently have a primary care physician. I have not been to the doctor in quite awhile, for a number of reasons. I was just finally able to start having health insurance again, due to measures passed by the government. It is actually better health insurance than I had growing up. I suppose I should use it to find a doctor as I would like to have these injuries checked out, to make sure that nothing is too serious.

However, it feels like I did something pretty serious. I think that I might have broken a bone in my ankle, or if it not that, then maybe I tore a ligament in my ankle. I am not sure what is wrong, but my ankle really hurts, and it is the result of an accident that happened to me, while riding on a skateboard. I guess that I should say that I was more along the lines of attempting to ride the skateboard. I did not have a very successful time, and I am pretty sure that I will never set foot on a skateboard again, so long as I am alive.

I do not see why people even ride them in the first place, as they are rather dangerous. Rather, I think it would be better if people would just stick to bicycles. But I have no right to tell other people what they can, or can not do. I am going to call a couple physician offices in the area, and see if they have openings that are available for today. I think it would be best if I saw a doctor today, so that I can get this ankle diagnosed, and find out if I will be okay.