Slazenger Golf Balls – Pro’s Reccomend Them

The effectiveness of golf balls in a game can be measured by the outcome of each game, whether a tournament, competition or fun play. This means that the type and quality of the ball used during a game may cause either a win or a loss to a player.

Slazenger has been popular among golfers since for a long time now, probably because they find the quality of the ball as favorable. In most tournaments today, Slazenger golf balls ( are used due to its renowned quality in the market. Various professional golf players have chosen Slazenger golf ball compared to the other golf balls existing in the market today. 

There are different types of Slazenger golf balls used in different golf tournaments and competitions. It is important to consider the following when it comes to choosing the golf ball to be used in a game:

· The Slazenger Raw Distance Golf Balls are created with the classic formula used in golf balls but the overall performance of this golf ball is good. Its dimples are proven as aerodynamic which makes launching the ball to the air smooth and swift. This property is a permanent property that doesn’t fade away quickly and yet it the ball is said to be soft. This golf ball can be used under any condition.

· As the name implies, Slazenger Women’s Raw Distance Golf Ball is commonly used by women who prefer longer distance games. The golf ball has low compression for soft and crisp feel. It is also aerodynamic for high and stable launch. This ball also has reliable spin rate which makes it effective under any conditions.

· Slazenger Raw Distance Xtreme Golf Ball is characterized by high costs but in comparison to the performance of the ball in the golf course, the price is quite reasonable. This ball boasts of having unmatched versatility over the other golf balls due it has higher launch capacity. It also has specially structured dimples with patterns that guarantee increase in velocity once it is launched to the air.

· Slazenger Raw Distance Feel Golf Balls is another golf ball that is good for play since it has also has specially structured and cut dimple design that enables it to launch higher and over a longer distance. Aside from that, the low compression core gives the golf ball a soft feel. Compared to the other balls used in the game, these golf balls have higher spin rates when launched on greenside shots.

· Among all the Slazenger golf balls, the best choice in any game is the Slazenger Raw Distance Straight Golf Balls since it has the best performance based on most golfer’s accounts. This ball enables a player to hit longer and even straighter shots compared to the other golf balls. The design of the dimples creates a higher launch. It also uses a new formula of mid-compression core which reduces the ball’s spin while it carries the ball in a longer distance. It also guarantees durability and could be used in all game plays.