Tips to Buy GPS Watch That Will Serve Your Need

GPS is a very important tool in digital era, it has variety of uses and it is used in different fields, for example, it is used by tourist, drivers and more commonly by sport people who use it to record time pace, distance, calories and also to give direction. GPS watch has gained popularity due to variety of benefits it has to the wearer. It has enabled people to view and keep track of their statistics after workouts and set achievable goals. But choosing the right GPS watch that will serve your purpose correctly is not always an easy task. There are many considerations and feature you should look for. Some of the factors that you should consider when buying a  GPS watch are;


GPS watch design always varies with purpose. You need to consider you occupation and why you need it. Some of the fields that require different GPS watch are:


This requires a GPS that will be able to clearly show direction, it should be compact so that it will not break or spoil easily. It should also record time and distance correctly.


For swimmers, they require a water proof GPS. It should be able to record types of stroke used during workout. In addition, it should record time taken and possibly change in body temperature during workout.


It should be able to record distance covered, speed used and general bike profile such as road and mountain bike. Additionally it should give you direction correctly, measure change in altitude and body temperature.


For runners, it should record your speed, clearly show routes and maps. This site: GPS Watch Reviews has plenty of these models for you to look at.


GPS watches used by golf players are pre-programmed with golf course. It should accurately record the distance of each swing.

If the activity you are involved in is not mentioned, you can use information provided to come up with the best GPS watch that best fits you activity.

You also need to consider some special features.

  • Special features will help to improve the activity you are taking. Some of the useful special features to consider are;
  • Ability to monitor heart rate, this will help you to work within recommended heart rate.
  • Ability to record temperature changes during workout. Some GPS watch have thermometer which measures wearer body temperature.
  • Alarm to alert you when your body temperature or heartbeat goes beyond a certain level.
  • For the runners, they should consider a GPS watch with an altimeter which will help them to track changes in elevation.

It is also good to consider a GPS watch which can integrate with social media such as twitter and Facebook for easy sharing of your experience and achievements.

You should also consider a GPS watch that can upload data to computer and analyze the progress.


For those who will use GPS watch occasionally, you may not require a very sophiscated GPS, a simple one will serve your purposes. Those who train regularly, you need to invest on a good GPS watch that has great features.


You also need to consider the price, remember, “cheap is not always the best”.