We Chose a Condo over a House

When my wife and I were first married, we decided to buy a small house. Since that first purchase, we have bought two other houses that were each a little better than the last. It took us buying three houses in total that made us realize that we don’t really like being homeowners in that regard. When it came time to move because of a job opportunity, we decided to look at condos for sale in Park City Utah. We figured this would be the best of both worlds. It would relieve us of a lot of the responsibility that we don’t like having while still allowing us a really nice place to live.

We thought that we wanted to have a lot of land, but we soon discovered that acres of land just means having to take care of it. We are both career minded people, and we would rather spend hours on a work related project instead of mowing the grass or pressure washing the sidewalks. We do like living in a nice place though, so a condo seemed like the perfect compromise. Our search was made even easier because of a real estate website that we could customize to search only for condos in Park City.

There were so many nice ones, and we actually had a hard time deciding between the two that we finally narrowed our search down to. Both had completely different floor plans. One was all on one floor and had a two car attached garage. The other was a two floor beauty that actually had a small pool in the back that was private from the other condos. We liked the appeal of both, so we went to see them in person. We knew as soon as we saw the two story one that it was the one that spoke to us the most, and we are now living here!