We Need a Free Internet

It’s a real shame that those of us who live out in rural areas of the United States are forced between two choices for access to the Internet. Don’t we deserve better? President Barack Obama himself has stated that access to the Internet is a universal right. It has changed the fundamental nature of American and global culture. Between dial-up and satellite Internet we’re going to be delivered a web experience that is little more than what you might call ‘Internet Light’; a diet version of the web that is utterly diminished thanks to the vast control providers have over user experience.

The Internet should be experienced the same by each and every user. There should be no censorship which is exactly data caps are fundamentally are. It might not be censoring the type of content that a user can access or see but it does censor how much a person is able to see. With the sheer amount of advertisement that is currently on the web can you imagine how much data is actually downloaded by a user and how much of that goes toward their data caps? It’s insane to think that any modern provider would force caps on its users.

To me it’s nothing but blatant corruption. As American consumers who have paid for most of the infrastructure we deserve to have a higher quality access. Nobody should be forced to experience a diminished web because a provider decides that they’re unable to handle the traffic; we paid for that infrastructure and they were supposed to upgrade it. Thanks to the way our government does business with the corporations, it’s the American people that are forced to suffer under the yoke of these providers. Let’s hope that the FCC actually stands up for consumer rights instead of bowing down.