Why Does Cable Need a Lobbying Group

With Dish Cable at my back, I never feel like I have to talk bad about them. I should count myself incredibly lucky considering I hear nothing but bad things about other cable companies but I suppose satellite is sort of in a league of its own, not having to worry about cable lines or the cost of having all those networks and the maintenance that goes into them. Nope, they just have to worry about an array of satellite dishes which are definitely a lot easier to gain access to. With cable, you’ve got to do a lot of digging or pole work!

No wonder they have so many problems over in digital cable land. You couldn’t pay me enough to manage the logistics that must be required in order to keep everything in working order. It’s clear that they’re not paying the people they do pay enough considering the amount of negative news that is associated with the big names these days. They’re making headlines left and right regarding their poor quality of customer service as well as overall poor service. How they manage to keep themselves from coming under the scrutiny of the FCC is actually no surprise.

Not many people realize that the cable lobbying group is one of the most powerful in the country. It makes you wonder why the cable industry even needs a lobbying group to petition Congress. What sort of laws would they even need? Oh, maybe they’re looking to create a monopoly or change the way that the Internet is accessed so they can clamp down even greater control over it! I couldn’t imagine why else a content provider would want to encourage Congress to favor them if it wasn’t for monetary gain. The same can’t be said for satellite, at least.